You never know where your new shoes will take you...
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This musical is so novel!
This novel is so musical!

book coverWhat if Cinderella didn’t have dainty little feet?

What if Cinderella’s fairy godmother was kind of a drag?

What if Cinderella found her voice?

Meet Ashley St. Helens, whose “fairytale life” is a rollercoaster of teenage emotion, but love helps her escape her dysfunctional 21st century family.

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Share your shoe stories at The Souls of Her Feet SHOE & TELL™ page!

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There's no business like SHOE BUSINESS!

Host or attend a
Souls of Her Feet
Shoe Salon™


  • An engaging reading by the author
  • Music from the soundtrack
  • Books for every guest
  • Champagne, chocolate...
  • and YOU!

Everyone wears their favorite shoes, ready to share their shoe story in the evening's highlight:

a Souls of Her Feet SHOE AND TELL™!

Photos of shoes by Sheryl Birkner ~ photos of author by Felix Baumshoes from salon 1

My own Shoe Story: These crazy designer stillettos came from a Roman open-air market
during my trip of a lifetime...

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is a musical and a book...

about a fairytale reality...

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and Part One of the trilogy...

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an illuminating BlabChat on creative adaptation:

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An unusual book interview with a clown!


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