You never know where your new shoes will take you...

Librettist Kristen Caven is writing a novel as a companion piece to the musical!

The Souls of Her Feet is the story of Ashley St. Helens, a high school senior who has suddenly found herself living a fairy tale life. But the fairy tale is Cinderella...which means there's an awful lot of work to do before the fun begins.

Subscribe to the blook and read the novel as it's written! Find out what (and who) it takes to get Ashley away from her dysfunctional stepfamily and into a better place. Every so often, chapters will contain links to songs or videos from the musical... so you'll never know what to expect! Read a sample chapter here.

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part one of the musical trilogy:
Shoes, a Mirror,
and a Big, Pink Rose

by Kristen Caven and Michael O'Dell


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