The Mighty Foubavole
by Kristen Baumgardner Caven

What was once a down n' dirty '81 Toyota Corolla Tercel became a blankcanvas in my posession. At first I couldn't think what to do, and invitedother artists to paint on it. The first guest was my brother-in-law, Foo,who painted hot-rod flames on the back. Flames. Combustion. You might saythis sparked my inspiration. I pondered sources of energy in paint. AutosphereI came into evolution: a colorful meditation on our ecosphere.

How does a car run? By setting fire to gasolinefumes. What is gasoline? Distilled petroleum spirits. What is petroleum?The left-over essence of life left over from the early days of our planet. These dinosaur angels are desperately trying to escape the powerful vortexof the gas tank. They want to ascend to the heavens, but their souls areenslaved here on earth, in powerful, noisy, destructive machines.

Horsepower! Horses are creatures of the Earth.We tamed them because they let us.

 These ponies are inspired by cave paintings in Lascaux, France. Althoughsome might believe they were inspired by Jelly Bellies.
What other sources of energy do we have available to us? Water,Trillions and gabillions of gallons coursing through the atmosphere, thewatersheds, the oceans. Plankton produce the lion's share of the oxygenwe combust on this planet. Splash! Whales, dolphins, and other cute critters live in the sea! Lobstersare like little cars, with hard shells on the outside and tasty tidbitswithin.

Cows. Sacred Cows. Bucolic, life-giving, methane-producing Cows.

Wind. Air is a powerful, barely-tapped resource.

 A pastoral scene to soothe my country-mouse sensibilities, having to livein a city where horizons and bare earth are luxuries.


Known for their reproductive prowess.

Life is a force that cannot be stopped.


6 Billion neighbors.

And they all want a new car.

Think about it.

The Sun. Our free lunch. Thanks for all the Light,Sol; without you none of this would be possible. The beautiful, cold universe. The delicate Ozone layer, a fragile quiltto keep us warm. Bombarded by cow farts and dinosaur spirits alike.
Perhaps the greatest resource of all: Our Imagination. 

King Kong: a powerful, angry, enterprising monster who had a soft spotfor Beauty.

Where will our high-climbing ambitions lead us eventually?



© Kristen Caven 20th & 21st century